9 reasons you’ll love the new LEGO® DOTS

We take a close look at why LEGO DOTS is one of the coolest things out right now.

Arts and crafts meets design and build with this brand new LEGO theme. LEGO DOTS is based on multiple shapes and colourful tiles that can be used to design and decorate both wearables and surfaces, making it a fun and versatile theme for a whole new group of young and old alike!

Here are 9 reasons we love the new LEGO DOTS theme so much:

#1 LEGO DOTS is all about self-expression

It’s truly about personalised play. After extensive research, The LEGO Group found that kids are wanting ways to express their own creativity. With its open-ended play and yet variety of accessories to help guide creativity, LEGO DOTS answers this in a big way.

#2 LEGO DOTS is design chic

Camille Walala might just be one of the coolest designers around and she happened to collaborate with LEGO DOTS to create the House of DOTS to showcase the amazing versatility of this brand new LEGO theme. The house is made of more than 2 million LEGO tiles and took 800 hours to assemble. It boasts 150 square meters of DOTS structure inside! No one can deny that this collab is an inspiring example of what can be done with LEGO DOTS.

Walala describes the House of DOTS as “a creative canvas for social, self-expressive play with endless, ever-changing patterns, colours and designs.”

#3 LEGO DOTS encourages creativity and boosts confidence

The LEGO Group rose to this desire in kids and has created a form of play that gets kids and adults alike to use their imagination and create their own pattern and colour combinations.

#4 LEGO DOTS helps develop your design ability

With that boost of confidence comes the opportunity to explore your ability to create more complex designs, find ways to understand design concepts and grow your own skill set. 

#5 There are no rules with LEGO DOTS

One of the best things about LEGO DOTS is that it is a blank canvas. If you can dream it, you can make it. We’ll quote The LEGO Group here and say that “play is limitless.”

#6 LEGO DOTS is for everyone

It will appeal to everyone aged 6 and up. Build creations as a family, or go solo with individual creations. Collaborate in a team or work one-on-one – it doesn’t matter, LEGO DOTS play will work in a variety of scenarios.

#7 LEGO DOTS is bite-size fun

You can satisfy your arts and crafts urge in a few minutes for an immediate sense of achievement… or sit down and enjoy creating for hours on end!

#8 Enjoy guided fun or make your own creations 

If you’re unsure of how to begin, LEGO DOTS has your back. You can follow the steps to make a bracelet or decor piece and have something awesome to show for your time. As your confidence grows you’ll be tempted to free-style it and dream up your own amazing designs, jewellery, decor pieces and more!

#9 LEGO DOTS is collectible

Aside from the bracelets and decor accessories that you can collect, there are also the cool tile shapes, colours and designs to look out for. In addition to the many shapes and colours available, over 30 mood tiles are also being introduced, including facial expressions, a music note, cosmic planet, starry night, paw prints and rainbow poo.

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