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90 Years of LEGO® Play

It’s a household name that seems to have been around for ever. Yet, how much do we actually know about our favourite toy… Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish carpenter by trade, found his business badly affected by the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Gifts for neighbouring children were luxuries beyond the budget of the struggling […]

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Stress less, build LEGO® sets

Adults are finding that losing themselves in a LEGO® build helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. It’s certainly no secret that LEGO play is as much an adult pastime as it is for kids. In fact, even big stars like David Beckham have recognised the calming effects of building LEGO sets. In an interview with […]

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LEGO® terms and phrases you should know

Cape Town has its very own LEGO® User Group. Launched by Marick Hornsveld, this young organisation’s guiding principle is simple: to create a platform where enthusiasts can share their passion with one another. “We aim to promote LEGO® as a hobby and learning tool for young and old and grow LEGO®’s footprint in South Africa.” […]