9 reasons you’ll love the new LEGO® DOTS

We take a close look at why LEGO DOTS is one of the coolest things out right now. Arts and crafts meets design and build with this brand new LEGO theme. LEGO DOTS is based on multiple shapes and colourful tiles that can be used to design and decorate both wearables and surfaces, making it […]

The LEGO Group

What’s green about LEGO® bricks?

The LEGO Group’s commitment to becoming more sustainable goes to the heart of the matter: the LEGO® brick. Together with a dedicated team of scientists and a $150-million investment, they’re on the hunt to change the recipe to their trusty LEGO® brick to use only plant-based or recycled materials. How far have they got in […]

Adults Welcome

Stress less, build LEGO® sets

Adults are finding that losing themselves in a LEGO® build helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. It’s certainly no secret that LEGO play is as much an adult pastime as it is for kids. In fact, even big stars like David Beckham have recognised the calming effects of building LEGO sets. In an interview with […]

Community Women of LEGO®

5 female AFOLs from around the world we love!

For Women’s Month we wanted to highlight 5 female AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO), or better yet 5 AFFOLs (Adult Female Fans of LEGO), who are doing amazing things with our favourite brick. Alice Finch Alice Finch’s motto might as well be “Go big or go home”. Inspired to start building with LEGO bricks when […]

LEGO® Hidden Side™

Will LEGO® Hidden Side™ engage the app generation?

“There’s an app for that.”  It’s a common saying in most circles these days, used when someone is confronted with a problem that needs solving. For the most part, it’s true. There’s an app to measure your sleep cycle, an app to help you navigate from A to B, an app that orders your favourite […]