Another LEGO® film release for 2017: NINJAGO™


The LEGO® Batman Movie hit the silver screen in February 2017 and there’s little doubt that fans of the LEGO® films are in their element. But, in case they – or anyone else – thought that was enough, think again. This year is set to see the release of another LEGO® film: The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie.

If you haven’t yet been to watch The LEGO® Batman Movie, then the following trailer is sure to convince you to book your tickets. It’s on until early March, so you can get your fix.

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Earlier this month, The LEGO® Group announced that a NINJAGO™ film is on its way, set for release in September 2017. With a voice-over cast of Hollywood stars including Jackie Chan, Justin Thoreux and Olivia Munn, it’s another big one for LEGO® fans.

And if the latest trailer is anything to go by, it’s set to be laugh-out-loud hilarious in the LEGO® movie comedy style. Watch the trailer:

Are you looking forward to The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie release? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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